Instant Download Colouring In Sheets For Adults

Exciting News! A growing list of my illustrations are available as instant download colouring pages for adults in PDF and JPEG formats. Watch my shop as there are new pages being added each week. I plan to release an instant download colouring book very soon!

These colouring in sheets can be found here:

Bible Verse Colouring In Sheets: CLICK HERE

Positive Quote Colouring In Sheets: CLICK HERE

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Unique Selling Points For Christian Bookshops

My Story, & free USP’s (Creative ideas for Christian bookshops)

Being a committed Christian, and having created some Christian orientated products, and selling them to bookshops. I quickly realised how tough it was out there for physical Christian bookshops competing with the online businesses.

But with my background in strategic marketing, business, and graphic design. I knew I could try to help these bookshops to enlarge their customer base, through the use of interesting USP’s, (creative ideas) and hopefully build brand loyalty for their customers. I love making businesses stand out from the crowd.

Additionally if I concentrated on designing extra interesting, vibrant and useful products for their customers, I would then be doing all I could, to help these bookshops thrive, whilst building my own business. And doing the two things I love most: Business strategy and creative art.

When you purchase my products I am offering you free USP ideas, marketing datasheets, and merchandising resources, for each of my product ranges. I am rolling this initiative out over the next few weeks.

So here are 5 Free USP’s (Creative ideas) as a taster, so you can see what I am aiming to do. I really hope you find these inspiring and that they are a spring board for your own ideas!

Please be kind…It’s been a while since creating USP’s for my full time work, I love that I am doing this again, this time with my art, I hope these ideas bless you. I also appreciate you may be doing some of these suggestions already…

Christian Books Shops that could offer…..

1) Free praying for you service, drop your prayer into a box and we will pass to our prayer team (could you set up one of these in your local church or amongst friends?) For the larger stores perhaps organise free healing prayer (with an outreach prayer group) once every couple of weeks, or once a week for an afternoon? This could increase your footfall and hopefully sales and brand loyalty.

2) Selling stamps over the counter (if you don’t already), if you can have a designated area (or corner of the counter) where a customer can write out a card (pens available) and then hand to you to post on their behalf (an inhouse post box of sorts) making writing a card and sending it really easy for customers. You might also want to display a range of small flat gifts that fit in cards in this area (my 3D butterflies are perfect of course! : )

3) Gift wrapping service for items (charge for this) so if a customer is on their way to an event you are the ideal choice especially last minute for card and beautifully wrapped gift. Or just really handy for them generally.

4) Customer pays you £5.00 a month to receive a mystery gift/cards in the post to encourage them or pass on to others. Set up a standing order with customer.

5) What could you be doing to offer help to Church homegroups resources wise? This market is huge. Could you have a “Home Group” leaders discounts and resources club available for them to join? If they recommend a book to read they are going to purchase on mass, to encourage them to buy from you direct (and not online from another store). You could also offer this type of special membership to Christian outreach groups too? Looks suitable for a monthly email around to these groups. Something to think about perhaps?

I hope you have found these USP’s ideas interesting and valuable. I am offering an additional 15 Free USP’s (creative ideas), a defining your brand A4 data sheet, as free resources when you purchase my 12 x wholesale pack of 3D butterflies for just £9.60. It can be found here:

12 x 3D Butterflies, (12 Different Designs) Bible Verse Illustrations Wholesale

These butterflies also come with a free merchandising pack of 2 x large butterflies (18cm wide) and 3 tiny cute butterflies (5.5cm – 6.5cm wide) which you can place around to draw the customers attention to these new products that can be sold next to cards as they are an ideal inside a card as a gift. Or as a bookmark.

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on these butterflies for their quality, if you aren’t happy with them just return to me for a full refund.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this very long post! Feel free to email me at to find out more!

Sarah x

Bringing Comfort Through Bible Verse Illustrations

The the illustrations I create are based on Bible verses about Gods love, revelation, acceptance, hope and peace. They are cartoon in style to appeal and minister deeply to the child inside each of us. To bring comfort and assurances that God is close.

The images are warm & friendly, helping to bring a feeling of safety, wonder and possibilities.

Hosea 14 v 3-4 Mounted & Framed Signed Limited Edition Print
Hosea 14 v 3-4 Mounted & Framed Signed Limited Edition Print