12 x New 3D Butterflies, (12 Different Designs) Bible Verse Illustrations Wholesale


12 x wholesale illustrated, handmade Bible verse 3D butterflies. RRP £4.99 each, great profit margin.


Isaiah 61 v 3 3D Handmade Bible Verse Butterfly
Isaiah 61 v 3 3D Handmade Bible Verse Butterfly

Pack of 12 x illustrated, handmade 3D Butterflies printed on white 120gsm plastic, hand cut (using scissors) and embellished with a handmade bow & decorated with 2mm clear real rhinestone crystals. 80p each, RRP. £4.99 per butterfly.

Each butterfly comes wrapped in a clear cello bag with instructions and glue dot. Attach this item to any flat surface. Ideal for decorating walls or furniture, this is a homewares product.

Butterfly, wing spans for each butterfly is 12cm wide. Heights vary depending on the style of butterfly.

Item comes flat with instructions on how to bend the wings up to make 3D.

This 12 x pack of wholesale butterflies are posted in a A4 hardbacked envelope to protect them during transit.

I make these beautiful 3D butterflies myself by hand.I try to celebrate the beauty and freedom of Gods word with products that can be easily displayed at home or work to bring Gods truth and life.

Reasons to buy:

1) Buy £20 of butterflies/cards/prints and receive a free 2 x large display mechandising butterflies (18cm wide).

2) 15 Free USP ideas for your Christian Bookshop and a A4 Defining your brand datasheet if you haven’t purchased from me before.

3) Spend over £25 and choose the Bible Verses on the wings of the butterflies yourself!

4) 100% satisfaction quality of product guarantee or return for a full refund.

5) Can adjust the size of the butterflies smaller if you plan to frame, message me.

6) I make these butterflies whilst singing to praise music. Each butterfly has real 2mm clear rhinestone crystals attached, and a handmade satin bow.

7) Great low cost gift. Ideal to post in a card.

8) Ideal bookmarks

9) Great outreach tool

10) Butterflies symbolize new life and freedom.

11) Free postage in the UK

I no longer offer credit, but you can purchase on Debit, Credit cards or Pay Pal on my website. Or I can accept cheque payment and will dispatch goods on receipt.


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