8 x Positive Affirmation Handmade Butterflies


Handmade Positive Affirmation 3D Butterflies.


Amazing positive Affirmation Butterflies
Amazing positive Affirmation Butterflies

I believe we can make those around us thrive by bringing them love and acceptance by taking just a few minutes a week to do something utterly amazing. What could you do this week to tell someone you think they rock!?

Can you imagine popping out to lunch and coming back to find your desk covered in positive affirmation butterflies telling you that you are intelligent, amazing, brilliant, clever, creative, reliable etc? How delighted you would be, how safe and secure you would feel knowing those around you cared enough to do this?

Do you have a friend or colleague who would benefit from this kind of blessing today to affirm who they are?If you know someone who would benefit from this here is a beautiful pack of 8 x positive affirmation handmade 3D butterflies.

These positive affirmation butterflies are tiny and very cute (9.2cm wide x 6.3cm high each)! They come with instructions on how to bend their wings up to make them 3D. They are hand cut, with real handmade red satin bow on each one and they each come with a glue dot so you can easily stick them to any flat surface. If you are worried about a surface being damaged, you can order them with blue-tack instead as an option.

These butterflies are printed on a waterproof compound that is like paper, it’s 190gms thick.

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