Prophetic Art


Prophetic Art Celebrating Who You Are!


It’s so easy to wish we were different, but this is because each of us have believed lies about ourselves. When we aren’t operating at full capacity in our true identities, we cannot operate fully as the gift we were always intended to be to those around us.

Each one of us is created to be utterly unique, we are an expression of beauty and extravagence. When we see through heavens eyes for a moment, and see who we were truly created to be it can set us free to be so much more.

I don’t tell people about their future and I don’t need details about you, what I do is help people become more confident in who they are made to be, so they can celebrate who they are, maybe for the 1st time, and understand the gift they are crafted to be. My inspriation for doing this is found in Ezekiel 37 v 1-7. I want to help bring more hope and life into your life through the gift of prophesying over you through art. All prophesy needs to be weighed through prayer and what you feel personally. Prophecy is never going to be totally accurate. The Bible Describes it as follows: 1 Corinthians 13 v 12 “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known.”

I create a prophetic art piece for you, with 40 words at least that explain what I feel the art means. I can then email to you on A4 PDf or if you choose another package send you an A4 or A3 unframed print. It takes around 5 days to create a fun cartoon illustration for you.

Recent Recommendation from Nicola in Milton Keynes 11th May 2018:

‘ Sarah gave me an encouraging, affirming, enlightening word which I feel God just wanted me to know to improve my understanding of all that has happened in the past and how much he cares about how I feel in the present time. It was a word in season well received. Thank you Sarah for listening to Father God.’

Here is an example of a recent prophetic identity reading I created for a friend of mine.

I saw a snowflake in a blue sky. This snowflake represented the lady who was having the reading. Delicate, individual, sparkly and a delight to behold. She was born just after Christmas (which I did know) but I didn’t know it snowed when she was born. A snowflake brings a sense of wonder and delight, they are precious. People can see this in her and appreciate who she is. She is rare. Like a snowflake landing in your hand and then melting, people who love her enough will see her melting and feel blessed and special, savouring the moment. She feeds people with spiritual water when they are dry, she is a gift, a promise. This particular lady I knew felt emotionally cold generally and thought she should be warmer. But in the vision totally walked all over this lie, she is a miracle in the hands of those who love her so she melts, what a priviledge to see her melt for a moment!…

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